Our company is a big family, and our customers are a part of this family, too
TD BIZON Ltd. company has been a leader in the natural casings import market for 15 years. During this time supplies from major foreign manufacturers have been established. The company develops new directions of artificial casings and packaging solutions.

Our products are focused on the production of high quality sausage products.
We supply natural casings to Russia and the CIS countries. We confirm the quality of products with accompanying documents attached to each batch of goods.

We are grateful to our customers and partners for their trust and many years of cooperation. Thank you for choosing us!
Everyone's talking about us
Dmitry Ivanov
Head of Procurement Department, Protsion LLC, Vologda
We’ve been with the company for about ten years. During this time, the supplier has proven to be a trustworthy partner. The delivery is convenient, the quality is consistent, the prices are always agreed upon, and there are no surprises!
Natalia Kuznetsova
Manager of City Sales Department at MK Klinskiy, JSC, Moscow region
The company’s employees are meticulous to fulfill the planned deliveries, and always meet us halfway if urgent additional volumes are needed. All our requirements to the quality of intestinal raw materials are taken into account.
Natalia Liventseva
Head of Raw Materials Department, ATRUS CJSC, Yaroslavl
Prompt loading, do not delay company vehicles, correct execution of shipping documents. The casings we buy are always in stock.
We work with suppliers from all over the world