Supplier of natural, artificial casings and packaging solutions
  • Own production of natural casings
  • Large selection of manufacturers products
  • We work in Russia and CIS countries
  • In-house logistics

Already in the works

What we offer

Natural casings

Artificial casings

Packaging solutions

Free samples and visits of a technologist for training in the use of the company's products

For new partners

Why they choose us

  • Competence in imports
    We make deliveries without disrupting logistics chains. Perfect product knowledge and technological support. Reputation as a reliable partner and supplier in the natural and artificial casings market
  • Improved storage and delivery conditions
    Availability of warehouses belonging to compartments III and IV, as well as refrigeration units. We deliver to Moscow and Moscow region on the day of order with our own transport
  • Aiming for long-term relationships
    A flexible and loyal approach to each customer. Stable financial position and stable business growth
  • An ambitious team
    We love our work and what we do

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